Elopement Cinematography and Photography in Melbourne

Now more than ever, couples are gravitating towards elopements over weddings. There’s no question that for some, a no-fuss exchanging of vows with little to no guests is the preferable option. Whether it’s a desire to spend less money, avoid stress, reduce your eco-footprint or simply knowing that a big wedding just isn’t you – there are so many reasons for a couple to consider eloping.

As for us, as a photographer and videographer we love elopements just as much as weddings – maybe even a little more! Not only is it extra special to be invited to capture such a private event, but the less-rigid schedules, absence of crowds and deeply intimate setting allows us to really get creative. For elopements, we’re able to focus solely on the couple. We have much more time to get to know them, which means we can really dig deep and create the most personal film possible.

For these reasons we would love to book some more elopements, and hope to hear from you soon!