Corey & Emma

The most apt word we can think of to describe both this couple and their wedding is: joy. It is obvious that Corey and Emma are two people who not only love but genuinely enjoy each other, and everything about their big day reflected that. The dance floor was forever bursting with life, the ceremony was peppered with laughter, and the speeches were hilariously and endearingly embarrassing. There was a Lego bride and groom and a donut bar in place of a wedding cake. It was more like a great party than a traditional wedding, and it was plain to see that everyone was having the time of their lives.

Among all the fun, though, there were plenty of heartfelt little moments scattered throughout. Like Emma’s dad seeing her in her stunning dress for the first time, or the hundreds of adoring looks the couple exchanged throughout the day. They couldn’t keep their eyes (or their hands!) off of each other, and whizzed around the dance floor like two absolute pros.

Corey and Emma have found in each other someone to love, cherish, dance, laugh and eat donuts with until the end of their days. If love is two compatible breeds of weirdness combined, then these two have most definitely got it. It was an absolute pleasure to be there to witness the beginning of it all, and we wish them the best for what we’re sure will be a future filled with love, fun, and plenty of Lego.

Eynesbury Homestead & Golf