Ellie & Andrew

We’re always up for a country wedding! There’s just something so powerful about entering into the time-honoured tradition of a marriage before a verdant backdrop of rolling fields, resilient shrubs and wise, ancient trees. There’s a particular poignancy generated by the vast open spaces contrasted with the little man-made pockets of intimacy created for the wedding day. The endless winding roads caked with arid dust, twittering birds and grazing cattle – and then the crisp white of a wedding dress, the encapsulating altar with its careful floral arrangement, fingers entwined and encircled with delicate polished rings. All so seemingly contradictory, and yet they come together in perfect harmony to create something truly breathtaking.

We believe a sense of place is absolutely imperative to a wedding film no matter where it may be, but this is definitely one of our favourite kinds of locations to incorporate. It’s more than just a look; there’s a distinctive sound, smell, and physical sensation that is exclusive to the country. It is nature itself. And although film is a medium of sight and sound only, we go out of our way to employ techniques that create a unique presence, that transports you to a certain time and place as effectively and subtly as possible. It’s a challenge, but when it works it really works; it’s totally worth the effort. This is one of the differences between a wedding film that documents an event and one that encapsulates a feeling. And when you come back to this film many years from now, it’s the feeling you’re looking for.

Barnawartha North