Fern + Travis


Fern and Travis’ love story began a decade ago, but you wouldn’t know it from the way they look at each other. Travis was visibly transformed to a nervous schoolboy the moment he saw his glowing bride at the other end of the aisle, and his ecstatic grin was contagious. It was hard to believe that these two had met so long ago, beginning as mere work colleagues before a chance encounter at a nightclub made it clear that there was something much more between them. Something that would grow and grow – from a first date with soup spilled all over the table, to becoming business partners, to travelling across 27 different countries together and eventually to standing together in front of the people they cherish most and promising to love one another forever.

There are certain weddings that one cannot quite call a beginning. It would obviously be wrong to say that Fern and Travis are only just now starting their lives together. They have travelled, worked and grown together over the course of ten years – if that wasn’t the two of them creating a life for themselves, what is? In a literal sense, this is the beginning of their lives as a married couple; they can now proudly call one another “husband” and “wife.” But one might ask: what difference does it make, after all this time?

That can be a difficult question to answer, but again, this is where we do well to look at such a wedding differently; to see this wedding not as a starting point but as a celebration and an affirmation of all that has come before, as well as a chance to establish good intentions for all the years to come. Whether one calls it a wedding or not, it is only healthy to take a moment after so long together to reflect, and enthusiastically recommit to each other.

Congratulations, Fern and Travis. May you have many more decades ahead of you.

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