Georgia + Matthew


“We can’t thank you enough, honestly, it’s just perfect, exactly what we had hoped for, you nailed it!”

As the guests wait in anticipation, passing the time with wine and chatter, Georgia and Matthew are seated in a car, heading down the road to festivity and new beginnings. Their eyes glaze in admiration and gratitude for each other. A wedding filled with music, joy and beauty. Every detail has been tended to; from the setting of a tranquil and serene forest for heartfelt expressions of love to the most beautifully dazzling candlelit meal in a cosy barn. Friends and family showcase their appreciation for the newly-weds and their excitement for their future together by showering them in hundreds of soft, silky petal leaves. Georgia and Matthew really pulled this one-off, and the devotion and admiration they have for each other is inspiring and contagious. We wish them the best of luck in their journey through life!

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