Joanne + Eugene

Joanne + Eugene Wedding in Melbourne CBD A wedding is not the creation of a new connection, but a celebration of an infinite one. When Eugene asks Joanne, do you feel any different? The natural answer is in the negative. The invisible string that ties the two together is continuous, and their wedding day a recognition of the promise made to one another of forever. Rejoicing in their love, the intimacy of the ceremony reveals the strengthening of the invisible string from one heart to another, weaving itself throughout the celebrations. Taking place in the bustling city of Melbourne, the elegance of Joanne and her radiant beauty brings a stillness to the moment where forever between two people is promised. A mutual endeavour of trust and to take on life’s journey together. The couple’s vows are an oral tribute to their connection. Eugene describes the relationship, not in moments, but in the continual commitment of each to stand by the other whilst walking life’s winding path. The promise to experience all of life, from its highest moments of elation, to its complex and inevitable challenges is made. Joanne expresses gratitude for a love of acceptance, positivity, and kindness. A day of honouring the love that Eugene and Joanne share, but most surely a celebration of each and every day spent with one another, and the days and years that the invisible string of connection will bring to the couple into the future.

Melbourne CBD

  • Photographer Karina