Nadine + Nathan

Red Hill

“OH MY GOSH GREG!!! Where do we begin?!! We just watched together last night and were in a puddle of tears ? and then laughter ??? ITS SO EPIC!!! 
You are actually a wizard with editing and we can not thank you enough for all you did for us on the day!!!

We are going to share this like crazy!!! Just look at that footage ?? you made us look like rockstars ??? Nate said last night “I don’t think we’ve ever looked this good or this cool” ???THANK YOU ???”


God’s gift is delivering a blessing that you did not know you needed.

Love is the beauty of both receiving and giving this blessing to another.

Amazement is realising the constant reimagining of that love through each new experience shared with that person.

Nadine and Nathan’s ceremony acts as a tribute to these blessings, this love, and the amazement of realising both through a lifelong partnership.

The complementary existence of the quiet bond of best friends and the security and safety of being an inseparable team is expressed through the fun but soft atmosphere of the couple’s ceremony and celebrations.

Overflowing with excitement and playful romance, Nadine and Nathan are gorgeous in the glow of their youthful affections.

The contrast of the rustic surroundings and the excitement of a boisterous celebration with family and friends, is a contrast that is mirrored with those of life and love.

The reflection sheds its light on the enduring devotion and the promise of endless adventure.

Friends and family are witness to the pure and true joining of two souls. United to face future challenges hand in hand.

Nadine and Nathan’s marriage is only the beginning of a unique, persistent, and intimate connection that will last a lifetime.

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