Ruby + Jimmy

Coombe Yarra Valley

Not even the rain could ruin this day for Ruby and Jimmy. They stood unphased beneath the drizzle, seeing only each other as they said their vows and became husband and wife. It was not surprising to hear that these two had begun as friends (as most great couples do) or that they have already been together for a decade; they had the ease and confidence of two people who knew they were marrying their best friend. It was obvious that it would have taken a lot more than a little rain to get in the way of Ruby and Jimmy making this the best day of their life.

This was an understated but truly gorgeous wedding. We had no problems capturing plenty of great footage. Sometimes that in itself creates a challenge; once the wedding is over, we head home with memory cards overflowing with precious images, but not all of it can make it into the final cut. Editing is where the craft of storytelling comes into our work. It’s what transforms a collection of disjointed clips into a cohesive piece of art, but it’s a delicate process. Often it’s just as much about what you leave out as what you keep in. Colour grading drastically affects the mood, the music choice can make or break a moment, and there’s a fine line between too many and too few effects. It’s the part of our job that takes the most time and the most creative energy to get right. But regardless, we have no interest in taking shortcuts. The end product speaks for itself, and is a testament to the importance of putting in the work. A detail-oriented edit is the difference between a soulless video and a unique film that truly reflects the couple in question, and we’ll take the latter every time.

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