Sophia & Luke

It’s no secret that we love a bit of a challenge. Whether it’s the location, the weather or any number of last-minute incidents you have to work around when filming real events, we’ve become pretty adept at thinking on our feet. Wedding photography and videography always provides some sort of new situation to test us, as the variants are endless. Each wedding the story is different, the people are different, and our approach has to be different. The challenge we faced when putting together Sophia and Luke’s wedding film is that we were missing a vital chunk of the story; they had requested no filming during the getting ready process. This was a fairly big change for us, as we see our wedding films as stories with a beginning, middle and end and are used to telling those stories in a particular way. But as storytellers it is never a bad thing to have someone come along and shake up your usual routine. Sophia and Luke gave us what felt like a restriction, but actually it allowed our creative muscles to get a work-out. We tried something new, filling in the blanks with photographs instead. Rather than hindering the tone of the video, this little flourish adds something unique to this video, making it distinctly Sophia and Luke’s.

That’s a really cool thing about working with real people, real events; real life; we don’t have creative control over everything like we would in a studio, with a crew and a script and a schedule. Instead, things are thrown at us and events unfold and we have to trust our instincts, get the best footage we can in the moment and then find a way to make the absolute most of it later. It’s an unpredictable line of work but that’s what keeps it interesting; that’s what keeps us pushing ourselves and doing things we never would have done otherwise.

So congratulations to Sophia and Luke, and thank you for the challenge!

Crown The Aviary