Victor & Dominik

When Dominik told us she did not want a “classic” wedding film, we knew we had met our match. Of course we always make sure each film has its own personal style and flair, but it makes all the difference when the couple you’re working with are just as passionate about creating a unique piece of art to remember their wedding by. We felt totally free to be as creative as possible.

Creativity requires more than just freedom though; it requires inspiration. Luckily inspiration abounded at this wedding. It was in the magnificent suits and gowns, the drumming and dancing that never ceased, the parents who glowed with pride. But most of all, as ever, we were inspired by the couple; by the radiant love and respect that Victor and Dominik have for each other. Every word uttered and every look shared was clear confirmation of their mutual adoration.

It’s always inspiring, too, to see how two (or even more!) families, cultures and sets of values and traditions meld together in a wedding. It’s an omen for future happiness if you can do so successfully, and Victor and Dominik certainly ticked off that box. Along with the Lebanese and Cyprus culture ingrained in the ceremony and reception, there was an undeniable Melbournian edge to it all. It was modern and urban, with a filming break at the iconic Fitzroy Gardens and the reception on the glamorous Docklands. So many worlds colliding, yet it totally worked. There was a real sense of family and community, a sense of respect for the past while rejoicing in the present and looking ahead towards the future. It was important for the couple that their guests really enjoyed themselves, and we think they can rest assured that this was the case.

We had a great day at Victor and Dominik’s wedding and an equally great time creating this film for the happy couple. Victor and Dominik challenged and inspired us to make something new and exciting, which is always welcome. We hope the film we made them brings them as much joy as their wedding brought us.

Song – Loss by Phoria

MAIÀ Docklands