Ellen + Nick

Beach Forest

The day begins in a rustic AirBnB, reminiscent of a humble French country home, bursting with character and charm. Equally charming is the couple, both in outfits that catch the eye and show their style, but will still allow them to be comfortable over their day of laid-back adventuring. One gets the feeling that no matter what they were wearing, they wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off each other.

Ellen’s bouquet is a stunning mix of red-wine florals and mild native greens, which subtly contrast the mahogany redwoods and verdant ferns of the surrounding forest where they say their vows. Love buzzes in the air like so many butterflies, and it’s not just the words but a feeling that resonates, bouncing from tree to tree.

In an old white Beetle that suits them so well it could be a natural extension, they drive to their next stop. The waterfall is breathtaking, but all eyes are on the magnetic couple as they kiss before the deluge and laugh at private jokes.

And then there is the picnic, where Ellen plays the guitar and they share fresh fruit and cupcakes (just as they share a sweet tooth). They lounge on and around each other and drink champagne as the sun sets over the valley. Whatever they say – whatever they don’t.

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