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When it comes to your wedding photos our policy is simple: get the most candid and intimate photos we can – without getting in your way. Of course, the end product is incredibly important, and we will take you aside for a few posed shots for good measure, but good wedding photos should never come at the cost of your real-time enjoyment of the day.

On the whole, we prefer to let the magic of your wedding play itself out how you intend, and we’ll simply be there to capture the most wonderful moments along the way. Over the years we’ve developed a keen eye for these moments, and have the instincts required to spot them before they happen so we don’t miss a thing. Whether its Mum getting misty-eyed during the vows or Dad’s beaming pride as he makes his speech; the joyful trepidation at the altar or the unfettered bliss on the dancefloor. We really, truly believe in the beauty in these details, and we’re vigilant in our quest to capture them.

We want our clients to feel secure in the knowledge that if we’re on the job, they don’t have to stress about how their photos are going to turn out. We know far too many couples who have gotten to the end of their wedding day and realised that they were so busy worrying about all the burdensome minutiae of the day that they found no time to actually enjoy themselves or each other. We wholeheartedly believe that having a happy, fun and romantic day should be every couple’s priority – whereas our priority is to immortalise those memories with as little hassle to you as possible, so you can look at your wedding gallery years later and know it really was the best day of your life.

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