Georgia + Cameron

Wilsons Promontory

  • Film - Once and for All
  • Gown - Bec + Bridge
  • Hat - Will and Bear
  • Rings - Camp Nash Silvergoods
  • Airbnb - Sugar Shack in Venus Bay

The drift of hearts towards one another, the cool breeze of the surety of eternity. Cameron and Georgia’s love reflected in the bloom of nature that surrounds their intimate celebration of marriage.

The deserted space of Wilsons Promontory filled by the constant of forever. An exchange of vows is shared between two humans bound together by a connection that truly transcends words.

Passion and grace surround the couple who promise one another always, fully and unapologetically. The exposure to the elements atop Mount Oberon, reminiscent of their love that will weather any storm.

A certain urgency of the two to embrace in an eternal intertwining, in an otherwise uncertain world. A touching of minds, spirit, and body.

A unique celebration of the worlds summoning of two souls to unite. The true and constant nature of Cameron and Georgia’s love present against a backdrop of an unpredictable world that they will face together.

Absolutely, constantly, irrevocably, connected.

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